Our Approach to Care

Core Values and Philosophies:

First and foremost, we believe every person can live a happy, productive and healthy life. We believe that every resident has the ability to learn, grow and recover. We also believe that every family who entrusts us with their loved ones can once again come together and enjoy life’s journey.

Second, we believe it is incumbent upon us to prepare our residents for life outside of any treatment program. To us, it is less important how our residents function within the comfort of our facilities, and far more important how they function out in their community.

Third, we believe in treating all residents with compassion and our program is designed in ways that preserve and protect their dignity. We use every opportunity to ensure the self-confidence of residents as they learn new and different ways to cope within their own community.

Lastly, we believe in creating a safe, relaxed and supportive environment. Luminaria is staffed with a Clinical Psychologist, Master level counselors, crisis counselors, registered nurse and case managers who have been trained to assist residents in their treatment.

Teaching real life skills through residential living

  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Case management
  • Crisis management
  • Life skills training
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Residential living
  • Activities of daily living
  • Transitional living
  • Referrals
  • Educational needs